Wednesday, January 14, 2009

My First Blogging Contest

I am a Libra, a romantic and a lover by nature. Give me romance or give me death! LOL Okay, maybe I am not quite that extreme but very close. So I am sure that by me telling you I LOVE LOVE LOVE Valentine's day, will come as no surprise. Did I mention LOVE? :)
I have even changed my blog background for this sappy, lovey dovey holiday. And of course, wouldn't you know it! My anniversary is only 3 days after Valentines day. I think my point has been made and with that being said, GUESS WHAT!!!

I am having my very first contest/giveaway on my blog to celebrate.

If you remember one of my very first posts last year was about these great vintage pin-up style aprons by Carolyn's Kitchen. Yep! You guessed it! That is what will be given away. Carolyn West, the creator of the aprons was so wonderful to donate this apron for my giveaway!


Not only that, If you don't happen to be the lucky winner, you will be able to purchase one through my webshop very soon. How cool is that? I am so excited!

Carolyn's aprons are so fun and have such great patterns. They have been featured in All You Magazine, Paula Deen, on Fashionably late with Stacy London and more.

So here is the apron that you could win. Sweetheart Orange Isn't just adorable?
Now here are the rules of the contest.
Begin by following my blog, once you do that, leave a comment on this post about the aprons, if you like to cook in aprons, vintage finds etc. and let me know that you are following me.
For more chances to win
Post about my contest on your blog (5 more entries)
Leave a comment on any post following this one and that will be 1 entry for each time you post.

The contest ends on February 1st. Just in time for V-Day! Good Luck to you all !!!