Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Snap, Crackle ,Pop...My Cookies

I just wanted to share my Ranger Krispie cookies with you. For those who have made them this week, I would love to know how they turned out. Those who have not ....Ah hmm..Tam :)
You are missing out.
You can get the recipe here. Join the cookie club and stop in for recipes every week.

Without further ado and from beginning to end, I give you my Cookies.

Ingredients.....Can you figure out what is missing in the picture?
Mixing it up.

to make the dough...

Onto the cookie sheet they go

Into the oven and soon we'll know....

The Snap Crackle Pop of my Cookies.

PS....Sorry for the lame rhyming. The cookies are so simple and so yummy. Not a lot of fuss to make them. Can you tell I am enjoying my camera? LOL I really need help using it.


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So Sweet Your Teeth Will Hurt GIVEAWAY!

This week I am doing the "Single Parent" thing because my dear Mr. Cookie is out of town working. My sweet daughter and I miss him very much as we are not use to him being gone but there is a happy ending to this week because we are going to pick him up Saturday. He is in my second home, The Great Smokey Mountains. I have spent more time there than any other place in the States. As a little girl we would go at least two times a year. I would always travel with my Grandparents and my Aunt Tam, who is more like a sister. Once I got into my teenage years and above it was just me and Aunt Tam mostly. Now that I am married we do not go as much but this weekend I am packing our bags and taking off to the wonderful Smokey Mountains.
Now for the part you are going to love.....A GIVEAWAY so SWEET your TEETH will HURT! :)

There is a little shop called the Country Candy Kitchen in Pigeon Forge. It has been open since 1982 and I go there every single time we visit. You can smell the sweetness before you even open the door. They make the sweetest old fashion candies and salt water country taffy. They still use the copper pots and wooden spoons to make the taffy and the taffy pulling machine that is so fun to watch. They call it the magic machine. It was built in 1918 and is used everyday.
Since I will be making a stop into the candy shop I thought I would share some super sweet candies with you. I will be giving away a great combination of old country candies including salt water country taffy. Yum Yum! I will also be including homemade jams and jellies and a heart warmer filled with lavender and peppermint.

Now...here is what you need to do to enter.

1. Leave me a comment on your favorite old fashion candy and taffy flavor.
(1 entry)

2. Follow me and leave me a comment that you are doing so.
If you already follow me, this counts too.
(2 more entries)

3. Post this giveaway on your blog and link back to me.
(3 more entries)

4. Post my cookie club banner on your blog
(4 more entries)

That is a total of 10 entries you can get. WooHoo!
I will be posting a photo of all these things once I purchase them.

The contest will end on Friday, March 13th.

Good Luck to you all.