Saturday, April 11, 2009

Living it up Easter Style

I told you I'd be back! And boy do I have a lot to show you. I have been knee deep in Easter this week. Making candy, finding a dress, taking pictures and putting baskets together. This doesn't even include my regular domestic duties. :)

I decided, on very short notice to make a large Easter basket to raffle off at our Easter dinner at church Sunday. I wanted to do something to raise extra money for VBS this year and this just kinda' popped into my head. So I gathered all of my supplies and got to work making yummy candies and gourmet apples and stuff. I even included my Peanut Butter Balls from last weeks Cookie Club recipe. I also made peanut butter fudge with a white chocolate cream cheese fudge on top as well as Coconut Lemon Crunch Candy and Dark Chocolate bunny pops with coconut cream filling. (just like a mounds) YUMMMMMMMMY! Here are some pics for you to drool over. heeheee
I have also been searching for an Easter dress for ME. Finally I found one and it actually matches Chloe's dress. I am so happy we are doing the Mommy Daughter match this year. I don't have pics of mine yet but I did take some fabulous shots of Chloe' in her dress. Wanna see?

Here you go Bloggy beautiful girl!
I still have so much more to accomplish tonight and now I'm wondering why in the world I am on this darn computer again.
So as I begin baking a Hawaiian Sunset Cake for our family dinner tomorrow I will be thinking of each of you. Then I will iron ALL of our clothes for church in the morning, put Chloe' to bed,take a shower and then watch a movie with Mr. Cookie before crashing into bed.
Wish me luck and I promise to post my Hawaiian Sunset Cake pictures too.
Lots of Cookie Love and a Happy Easter to you all.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

I'll Be Back!

Don't fret my Cookie Lover's. I have a million and one things to do today and hopefully I will accomplish all of them so I can get back to what really matters......posting about cookies!

Upcoming things to look for from the Cookie Girl....

1. A Giveaway

2. giving bloggy love to my peeps

3.cookie recipes

Once I find my way out of this sea of WORK I will start on it all. Does anyone have a life preserver they can toss me?


The Cookie Girl