Sunday, January 25, 2009

Cookie Of The Week Club!

Who love's cookie's so much that they would bake a new batch each week? ME! Of course
Well I have decided to see just how many crazy cookie lovers just like me are out there. I am officially starting a COOKIE OF THE WEEK CLUB!
Since this will be my first attempt at something like this, please be patient with me. So far here is how it will work.
Comment on this blog post if you would like to join.
Here is a banner for those who choose to join, that can be placed on your blog. If you add it to your side bar it should shrink to fit. Link it to this post.

Every Sunday I will post a new cookie recipe for everyone to try for that week. Once you make your cookies take pictures and of course blog about them. Let us know what you think of the taste, texture, look etc.... Add any suggestions and tips for the recipe as well. Please feel free to send me your favorite cookie recipe via email. I would love to use them as well. Also, I know that it will not be possible for everyone to make cookies each and every week. You can still be a part of this.
I will have links to all of you who join so that you will be easily found by other members.
Of course plenty of bloggy-love should be given to each member for their cookie creations, mishaps, and triumphs.
At the end of the year there may even be a Nationwide Cookie Exchange. WooHoo!!!!
Okay that excites me a little too much LOL

Come on Cookie Lovers...Let's see what kind of dough you're made of :)


Contest Ending Soon!

It's almost here! The Apron giveaway will end in 7 days on February 1st. Scroll down to the original post for entry instructions if you have not yet entered to win.

I will be drawing a winner with the help of my Sweet Little Valentine Chloe'. Winner will be posted here on the Cookie Girl Blog.

Good Luck to everyone!