Saturday, March 14, 2009

Breakfast Anyone?

Alright my Sweet Cookie's! Brace yourself for this post. It is very graphic and indulgent to say the least. You may want to guard the little people from seeing any of the photos. It could really cause some hyperactivity that can't be stopped. Are you ready?............................
Do you enjoy a good filling breakfast with Lot's of family atmosphere? I know I do! Well I have the perfect place for you to take your family and enjoy every BITE.

The Log Cabin Pancake House in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. Not to be confused with any other pancake house in the surrounding area. This establishment has been around longer than I have. They opened their doors in the 70's and have been going strong ever since.
I have been eating breakfast there for 23+ years and it is one of the places that I never leave town without getting my fix at.
Wanna see what I'm talking about? This is my all time favorite breakfast.
Continental French Toast, Country Ham, Grape Juice and Coffee.
Here are some of my family's favorite's too. You may need a napkin for the drooling you will experience.
Country Ham, Biscuits,Gravy and Hash brows. YummmmmmmmmY! Chocolate Chip Pancakes!
Ham and Cheese Omelet with Pancakes! And there is so much more like their pecan waffles that my Aunt Tam LOVE'S!

I can't say enough about The Log Cabin Pancake House. The waitresses there are all so sweet and have the best southern hospitality. Some have been there since the doors opened. I remember them all from when I was a child. It is so nice to see them each time I visit. Just like Family.

I talked with the Dining Manager, Yvonne King who has been there since the beginning. She quickly told me that you pronounce the Y in her name. So it would be more like this Y-vonne. She is always there and is usually the one seating the customers....100's of them. I had my picture made with her for my keepsake book and this blog. She is such a sweetheart.

If any of you take a trip to the Smokey Mountains I promise you won't be disappointed when you dine with my extended family at the Log Cabin Pancake House. You will be hooked and in love just like me. Oh yeah, you might want to know this. If you are coming into Pigeon Forge from Gatlinburg, it is the first Pancake house on the right. If you are headed towards Gatlinburg it will be the last pancake house on the left. There address is 4235 Parkway Pigeon Forge, Tn 37863.

I hope Y'all make a special trip and Enjoy!!!!


  1. OMG, I think I would be on a sugar high for a week straight. Glad you had a good time.

  2. I want to visit just to eat those yummie pancakes.

  3. Fun post, but now I am starving. :D

  4. ummmm yumm that all looks so scrumptious!

  5. The french toast looks sooo good - it never comes out that good at home. I'm thinking chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast tomorrow (a specialty staple at our house).

    Pigeon Forge is such a great place for families or couples or anyone.. so much fun.

  6. I'm telling you....someone needs to come up with the scratch n sniff monitor...Yummy!! ;)

  7. I wish we'd known about that great place when we were there last time...I sure won't forget if we every get to go back!

  8. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

    As soon as I saw the Log Cabin sign I knew EXACTLY where that was!! When I was a kid we went to Pigeon Forge every year for Spring Break. My Hubby and I went a couple years ago as well. I've been to Log Cabin Pancakes SEVERAL times, I always used to get the Chocolate Chip pancakes. Yummy!!

  9. I love the picture of YOU :)
    Hi SPROUT xo LOL


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