Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Thank You.....

I have entered so many giveaways lately and just figured my luck stunk because I never win anything. Until last week that is. I actually won 2 in one week. I was so ecstatic. The first WIN was from Ryan Ashley Scott at Optimistic Cynicism. If you have not been to her blog you really should check her out. She cracks me up with her great sense of humor and of course her Optimism.
Here is what I won from her. I am so ready to pamper myself. The vanilla sugar lotion and shampoo smells divine. I can't wait to paint my toes with the OPI polish and keep all tucked away from little hands in the PINK bag that I love. (It is pink, why wouldn't I love it?)
The Boa....well I have plans for it too. :)
She also sent me a great little keepsake picture of herself. heehee
It will be going in a special place on my fridge.
Thanks a bunch RAS.

My second WIN came from Jennifer at Caroline Alexander. WoW! A Lotta Loot here! :)

The cute patchwork bag was filled with the wonderful fragrance of lavender sachets, pretty bows and a gorgeous ribbon and peony belt with a vintage pin center. There was some cherry lip balm, a book mark and another belt in red and white as well as an adorable head band.
Everything is going to be enjoyed by me and my darling little daughter.
You guys should really check out her blog and shop for some whimsical gifts.
Thank you Jennifer for a fab giveaway!


  1. I am so glad you liked everything.

  2. Very nice goodies ! I need to know about the giveaways.

  3. Yay for you! Congrats on some very cool stuff.

  4. Yay! Glad you got it and liked it. Pink, of course, what's not to love? Lucky girl, you won two prizes (that second one up there looks fabulous!) PLUS I saw Suzi is making you a beautiful cherry apron, too. I'm so glad, you totally deserve it, what with all the cookie-baking for little ol' us. I'm still jealous of your camera, btw, and I probably will be until Hubs buys me one. In five or so years.

  5. Hi, I'm visiting from SITS and enjoyed your blog. Your Hawaiian cake looks yummy.


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