Wednesday, February 9, 2011

WooHoo!!! I love Surprises!!!

I have been waiting so very patiently for a wonderful little surprise to show up on my door step and today it arrived! Remember the apron swap that I joined? Well my SUPER SWEET swap partner sent me an awesome package full of so many things that I just love.  Her name is Madelyn and from reading her blog she really loves her fabric and all the great projects she does.
She sent me a beautiful apron, 2 spatulas that I was in so much need of, 2 lovely valentine dish towels, vintage tissues, hand sanitizer,quilted nail file, a super Moda Sweet Treat bag fabric and instructions aaaaannnd....drum roll please......a cookie cookbook and cookie cutters!!!!  Oh yes, I am typing with my mouth full of the soft peppermints that she included too. I love these things. I am always the one at the wedding reception filling her pockets full of the little pastel mints that taste just like them. Yum! :)
She knew just how to get to this Cookie girl's heart!  I can hardly wait to break open the book for some great recipes and get out my sewing machine to make my treat bag. I am so excited I do not know where to start.

(I had to take the picture my self so that is why my head is cut off.) LOL

THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart Madelyn!!! I love everything!


  1. Wow, really great stuff! Love the cute apron!

  2. You're very welcome Carrie. Enjoy and Happy Valentine's Day!!

  3. Love the apron - very lucky for you, and a great look!


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